Professor Sidney (Sid) J. Stohs

prof stohsProfessor Sidney (Sid) J. Stohs received his B. S. Degree in Pharmacy and M. S. Degree in Pharmacognosy (Natural Medicinal Products) from the University of Nebraska and his Ph. D. Degree in Biochemistry from the University of Wisconsin. He conducted post-doctoral studies and research in the Department of Forensic Medicine at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, and the National Institute of Environmental Health, Research Triangle Park, NC, in pharmacology, toxicology and nutrition.

Dr. Stohs served as a faculty member in the College of Pharmacy at the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) for more than 22 years (1967-1989). He rose to the rank of Professor in 1974, one of the youngest in the history of the University. He served as a Department Chair (Biomedicinal Chemistry) for 18 years, and as an Assistant Dean for three years. He was involved in the development of the graduate program, extensive curricular revisions, and the Doctor of Pharmacy degree as the sole professional degree (third in the nation). He also held an appointment as Professor in the Eppley Cancer Institute at UNMC.

At Creighton University, Dr. Stohs was responsible for leading the development of the Doctor of Pharmacy degree as the sole professional degree, a distance learning Doctor of Pharmacy pathway for practitioners, the first entry-level Doctor of Physical Therapy and Doctor of Occupational Therapy programs in the country, distance learning pathways for the Doctor of Physical Therapy and Doctor of Occupational Therapy for practitioners holding the B.S. or M. S. degrees, a M. S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences, a Pharm. D./MBA pathway, a Master of Health Services Administration program, the nation’s first web-based entry level Doctor of Pharmacy pathway, and a B.S. in Health Sciences for students in the Doctors of Pharmacy, Physical Therapy and Occupational therapy programs.

Dr. Stohs has published more than 380 peer reviewed articles in scientific and professional journals, and has made over 500 presentations at international, national and regional scientific and professional meetings. He has been the recipient of numerous grants and contracts for more than 40 years to support his research studies.
He has received various honors and awards, including the Sigma Xi Outstanding Research Award, the American Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Achievement Award in Pharmacodynamics, the John Doull Award in Toxicology, the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy Teacher of the Year Award, the Nebraska Pharmacists Outstanding Service Award, the Mark Bieber Industry Award from the American College of Nutrition, and was the holder of the Gilbert F. Taffe Endowed Chair in Pharmaceutical Sciences at Creighton University. Based on his credentials, he has been elected into fellowship of the American College of Nutrition (FACN), the Academy of Toxicological Sciences (ATS), and the Association of Schools of Allied Health Professions (FASAHP). He is also a Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS), and is serving on his second three year term on the Certification Board for Nutrition Specialists. He has served on a wide range of boards and committees for the National Institutes of Health, Environmental Protection Agency, and the U. S. Pharmacopeial Convention, as well as national, regional and international organizations in pharmacy, nutrition, toxicology, and allied health. He serves on a number of Scientific and Medical Advisory Boards, as well as Editorial Boards for various scientific journals. He co-chairs the Publications Committee for the Journal of the American College of Nutrition.