Brenda Bingham from Germiston Size 42 to 30 in just 3 months!
Brenda lost 6 dress sizes in 3 months, but she refused to say how many kilos!

This capsules really work!” 

brenda bingham weight loss“I heard about TopSlim on the radio. The lady was saying how she could cut down on the insulin she was using since she was a diabetic. I’ve been a “border line” diabetic for a long time, so that got my interest.

Anyway: since I started picking up weight some years ago I’ve been putting the clothes that don’t fit anymore in a box hidden at the back of my wardrobe. After hearing about TopSlim on the radio I took a chance and bought a month’s supply and after two weeks I knew I had something that really works – Finally! I’ve tried so many! Now I dig back in the box and pull out clothes I haven’t been able to wear for years! It’s like Christmas every other day!

I’m not going to tell you how much I lost or how big I was when I started – just look at the photo. I can just say one thing: I dropped 6 DRESS SIZES in just 3 months. I even had to pick up a little bit, because I went over my goal weight. How is that!!

If you are going to put this on your internet place, you must tell the ladies I say: This capsules really work!!

Oh – and 2 weeks ago I ran a half Marathon! I finished easily – not a great time, but I did it! I tell you, I never thought I would be able to do that again. I’m so happy!
I hope this will do. I’m not very good at letter writing.


Cecile Davids from Mitchels Plain
Cecile lost a record 32 kilos (from 77 to 45 kilos) in just 17 weeks! 
She says she lost 10 kilo’s in the 1st month alone!
What she could not believe was that she did not get any loose skin or marks in the process!

cecile davids weight loss journey“Hi,

My name is Cecile Davids.

I used to be in a really bad shape, excuse the pun. There were more and more things that I could not do with my family. If my daughter wanted to go to the beach I would make all sorts of excuses and convince my husband to take her and her friends. He knew what was going on, but didn’t say anything, but I knew it worried him too.

One of the ladies at work got me onto TopSlim, because I always say these slimming tablets are just moneymaking junk, but she showed me the scientist behind Topslim and I was quite impressed – still a bit sceptical, but I thought what the *** – I’ll try it for oulaas. Good thing I did.

I’ve tried many diets and I know a lot about calories and diets. I’ve always thought that my problem was emotional eating, but with TopSlim’s menus I realised that it wasn’t emotional. It was simply the wrong food most of the time.

I tell you I have never eaten so much and so ‘lekker’ as I have eaten the last couple of months. I thought that it was going to be a lot of work, but you’ll see – all the recipes – well, nearly all of them – are very fast and easy and the food is GOOD!!

I lost a lot of weight (32kilos), but my husband actually put on weight. How does that work? He used to be very thin and now he looks good!

The main thing is I realised that your food needs some planning or you just fall into the trap of same old – same old and before you know it you are just eating junk. Not that I had to do any planning. Topslim does it all for you. Everything – even a weekly shopping list for all the stuff you’ll need for the week. It was a dream. Fast and easy and really nice food. And lots of it. Sometimes it was too much. Especially towards the end I realised I had to cut on some portions. You eat throughout the day and when it come to the main meal, you are not always that hungry anymore.

My daughter was worried that I would stop with the food now that I’ve reached my goal weight, but that is the main thing. I now know what to do and how easy it is.

I lost 32 kilos in 17 weeks! I weighed 77 when I started and I’m down to 45 kilos. I could still lose a kilo or two, but I’m not going to obsess about it. I lost 10 kilo’s in the 1st month alone! That got me really excited! I phoned everyone and no-one would believe me!

What I could not believe was that I did not get any loose skin or those ugly stretch marks that you get with dieting. I don’t know why because I did not do any real exercise – just some walking, but there it is: I’ve got my “bod” again!

Thank you so-so much TopSlim! Can’t wait for summer to go to the beach again.

Love you lots!

Peter Shapouri from Wynberg
Peter Shapouri from Wynberg:  98 to 81 kilos in just 7 weeks!
“Some of my old clients did not recognize me. They did not want to ask what happened – They thought I had AIDS or TB or something!”

Peter Shapouri on losing weight“I have been overweight most of my life, but after I got married it slowly got worse and lately I fell into the obese category. That gave me a bit of a shock and I started to try and lose weight. I tried a couple of shakes and tablets and two diets with no success.

It became clear that I could not do it on my own without professional help. I did quite a lot of research on the web and came across TopSlim. I’m a chemical engineer and their scientific approach and especially the credentials of the scientists that backed Garcinia Cambogia impressed me and I decided to give it a try.

I did not know that the food part of the TopSlim would be so important and had a bit of a shock when I downloaded the recipes and menus and shopping lists. I nearly gave up, but on the capsules alone I already lost a kilo in the first 3 days, so I jumped in and started doing it the right way.

In the first week I made my food separately by myself, but within a week my wife and one kid joined in and within days my other kid also joined. The food just looked too good to miss out on LOL.

I decided that I would only weigh myself once a week after I started eating right and after the 1st week I lost just short of 4 kilo’s (3.7 kilos).
My wife came in as I was weighing myself and I could not talk. I was so surprised. That was when she decided to join me!

The strangest thing is that was actually eating more (a lot more) than I used to eat. It was spread out more, but I often forget and skip one of the snacks and sometimes I still don’t feel hungry when it’s dinner time (when I have my main meal).

Well – the rest is history as they say: I lost 17 kilos from 98 to 81 kilos in just 7 weeks! After that I went overseas for 2 weeks and picked up 3 kilos again, but a month or so later after I got back and onto the right food again, I was down to my goal weight of 75 which is a ‘normal’ BMI.

It has been a couple of months since I’ve reached my goal weight and stopped with the capsules and so far I haven’t picked up anything again. We are used to the good food and I don’t think we’ll slip back into the bad old ways. My wife says it’s very easy and most of the time even faster than the ‘normal’ food we used to eat and it’s definitely far healthier for the kids (and me). Most of all it is a lot better tasting and lot less boring and predictable.

How it’s affected my life: I’ve been buying new clothes and it’s quite a change to go into a shop and have a wide selection of things that fit. I’ve never been to an outsize shop, but I was heading there. I could not find anything (especially trousers) that did not need some work. Now it’s a pleasure to shop and I’ve never thought I would ever say that! LOL

I’m used to it by now, but every now and then I meet someone who hasn’t seen me for a long time and it’s all there in their surprised expressions. Quite often they don’t recognise me. One customer, who is a good friend, told me afterwards that he though I picked up AIDS or TB or something. LOL

I also need to thank TopSlim for making the lifestyle change so easy and more than likely adding 10 years to my life.

Much appreciated.
Peter Shapouri.”

TopSlim Note: We don’t encourage too fast weight loss, but nearly 2 ½ kilo’s per week is remarkable. Even for a man 🙂

Reinette Groenewald from Krugersdorp
89 to 76 in just one month!! And this was in December with all the parties!!

Reinette Groenewald easy weight loss journey“Dear Topslim,

I hope you can use this letter. I think it’s important that the ladies and gents hear that Topslim really works.

I picked up about 27 kilos because of menopause and I felt tired all the time. It looked like there was no way to stop the weight gain and I was panicking badly. I was depressed and I just wanted to hide and sleep all the time. My life was really bad and I even thought about suicide.

My doctor gave me anti-depressants and some diets, but I wasn’t happy with taking the pills and the diets did not work. I was eating hardly anything and still picked up weight. Then another doctor acquaintance on my business network group pointed me to TopSlim and I was saved – literally!

One of the biggest changes was that I’m not so tired anymore and I spend less time in bed. I now have more time for work and my projects and my business is improving a lot. In this economic climate that is a small miracle!

People also noticed and a number of them have commented on how much energy I have.
It has been very easy. Far easier than I thought it would be. It is quite strange how much I have to eat. In the beginning that was quite a change in attitude. Eating more to lose weight!

I’m quite short and I’m down to my goal weight of 62. In the first month I lost 13 kilos from 89 to 76. I won’t even try and explain how that felt! And this was in December with all the parties!!

Good luck with your business – you deserve it!
Reinette Groenewald ”

Riaan Burger from Empangeni lost 48 kilos in just 21 weeks. Over 2 kilos per week! He says: “Nothing is the same. Everything has changed! This is a dream!
I could have lost a lot faster, but I was cheating a lot and I was also scared of all those loose hanging skins you get.”

Rican Burger weight loss testimonial“My wife and I decided we had to do something about our weight – It was just running away! My wife heard about TopSlim on the radio and we checked out the website and the research that the scientist did and went for it.

In 7 weeks she was at her goal weight. It took me a bit longer. I had a lot more to lose. I went from 137 to 89 in 21 weeks – that’s 48 kilos in 21 weeks. Just over 2 kilos a week on average. I could have lost a lot faster, but I was cheating a lot and I was also scared of all those loose hanging skins you get.

Using TopSlim with my wife made all the difference, since it was so easy to adjust to the new way of eating. I never enjoyed making food, just eating it. Now I’m quite a chef since I helped my wife with all the new recipes. Topslim made it really easy. Anyone would be able to make the food. The recipes are very clear and very easy. No big deal at all.

I love playing golf and with the extra weight the walking and some of the shots has become quite a problem. With my increased flexibility and can now hit the ball an extra 40 meters!!

I also used to drink about 20 diet cokes and a lot of coffee every day and that is now down to 1 each a day. The weight loss and the less caffeine and coke have changed everything. Nothing is the same!

I used to have a gout count of 53. That is now down to 5! My cholesterol dropped from 9.8 to 4 .1. Before I started my doctor said he would be surprised to see me for my next yearly checkup if I don’t go for a gastric bypass. He saw me 4 weeks ago and could not believe what happened. He sat there and checked the Topslim site while I was in his office. He was still a bit skeptical, but quite impressed with the credentials of the scientist. I know his wife is also obese and I’m sure he’s going to get her on Topslim as well!

My wife and my doctor says you saved my life.

Thank you TopSlim
Riaan Burger”

Tanika Taylor from Kroonstad
Now I can run and play with my little daughter.
I lost 15 kilos in 9 weeks!


I think the photographs say it all. I lost 15 kilos in about 9 weeks. I’m quite small and 15 kilos is a ton! Now instead of wobbeling I can run and play with my little daughter. Ansha was watching me dressing the other night and out of the blue she said she’s very proud of me. Ansha is only four years old!

Just for that I’m eternally grateful. I did have to spend quite a bit of money on new clothes, but I don’t mind. That is the best money I’ve spent in a while.

I have so much energy and I’m sleeping so much better. I used to have problems with my tummy as well and that has disappeared. Losing so much weight changes your whole life!! Everything is just easier and better.

This is the best thing I’ve done in many years.